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How to Tell When Your Pillow Needs Replacing - Budget Bedding

How to Tell When Your Pillow Needs Replacing

How to Tell When Your Pillow Needs Replacing

Pillows need replacing when they are worn out. Old pillows can keep you tired for most of the day even if you’ve rested for 6 to 8 hours. If you do not wake up feeling happy and rejuvenated every morning, it’s time to replace your pillow.

Following are the 8 significant signs that show when your pillow needs replacing:

1.  You experience pain in neck and shoulders

The very prominent sign that your pillow must be replaced is the pain in your neck and shoulders every morning. If you get up tired and experience severe pain in your neck and shoulders, your pillow is no longer supportive.

2.  Your pillow is lumpy and bumpy

If your pillow is not fluffy anymore but lumpy and bumpy, it’s time to replace. If you need to punch and fluff your pillow every time before you are going to sleep, it is a clear sign that you should be looking for a new pillow.

3.  The pillow no longer springs back

Consider folding your pillow in half. Rest your hand on it for 30 seconds. If it does not spring back to its position instantly, it is not retaining the same quality anymore.

4.  You are getting allergic reactions

As pillows get old, they become prone to different allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and bed bugs. These allergens lead to different health issues such as asthma, red spots, itching, and skin infections. Also, if you are continuously wheezing and coughing while you sleep, this means your pillow has allergens.

5.  You wake up with a headache

Again, if you’re waking up lethargic and/or with a headache, it may be a sign that it is time to replace your pillow.

6.  There is a permanent head impression

If there is a permanent impression on the pillow where you keep your head every night, the pillow has worn out. With a bump created in the pillow, you cannot be comfortable enough while you are in bed. Instead of suffering pain in neck and shoulders, it is better to replace your pillow.

7.  There are stains and marks

When you sleep at night, your body leaves some skin, oil, and hair on your pillow and sheets. It results in different stains and marks on your pillow. When these stains and marks get very prominent, your pillow is not clean and healthy anymore. Also, these attract different allergens. So you should replace it.

8.  You have been using it for more than a year

If you have been using your pillow for more than a year, the filler material breaks down. This creates different small patches in your pillow.

Be aware also, that the type of pillows matter.  If you are using cheaper pillows with polystyrene material in them, they must be changed after 6 months.


Hope these tips help to make a difference.  Definitely give some of these a try!

Happy sleeping!