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Best Pillows for Back, Stomach and Side Sleepers - Budget Bedding

Best Pillows for Back, Stomach and Side Sleepers

Best Pillows for Back, Stomach and Side Sleepers


While you sleep, your head, neck, and spine must be aligned. It helps you to wake up rejuvenated and ready to take on your daily activities.

Pillows come in different level of softness and quality. The best pillow for you is the one that is accustomed to your sleeping position.

Some people sleep on back, some on the stomach while others sleep on their side. With the right pillow, you can maintain your sleeping position. It provides you comfort and support. Using the right pillow to sleep according to your sleeping position is important to keep your spine aligned.

Following are some of the best pillows that are specially designed for different sleeping styles:

Best pillows for back sleepers

The best pillows for back sleepers are the following:

1.   Medium memory foam

A pillow with medium memory foam is specially designed to provide comfort to your neck and head as you sleep. It provides enough support and spinal alignment. However, these can be a little warmer than regular pillows to sleep on.

2.   Latex foam

If you do not like sleeping warm, latex foam pillows help you in sleeping cool. With proper support and comfort, your spine stays aligned.

The best pillows for back sleepers we came across are Double DownAround Firm Pillow, Feather Best Pillow, and Side by Side Firm Pillow.

Best pillows for stomach sleepers

The best pillows for stomach sleepers include:

1.   Feather pillows

Stomach sleepers need softest pillows. So feather pillows, also known as down pillows, are soft. They help in keeping your head close to the mattress.

2.   Low loft latex foam

Latex foam helps in cool and comfortable sleeping. However, if you are a stomach sleeper, your latex foam pillow should have a low loft. It ensures that your head and stomach are properly aligned.

Two best pillows for stomach sleepers are Plushbeds Down Blend Pillowand The Parachute Down Pillow.

Best pillows for side sleepers

The best pillows for side sleepers are:

1.   Firm memory foam

For side sleepers, a memory foam pillow is a good option. However, it needs to be firm than normal memory foam pillow. It provides extra loft to make sure your head and body are aligned.

2.   High loft latex foam

Latex foam pillows are usually very sinking. For side sleepers, more loft is required. Therefore, you need to have a latex foam pillow with high loft to sleep well.

Some best pillows for side sleepers are Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillowand Womfy Side Sleeper Pillow.

All-rounder pillows

If you tend to change positions as you sleep, you need an all-rounder pillow. Shredded foam pillows are the most suitable pillows if you cannot choose about anyone mentioned above. Shredded foam pillows are overstuffed. They can be customized to the stuffing you think is proper for you.

The best all-rounder pillow for back, side, and stomach sleepers is Helix Pillow.

Make sure you adhere to your pillow to enjoy comfortable sleeping!