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A Guide to Washing Down Comforters - Budget Bedding

A Guide to Washing Down Comforters

A Guide to Washing Down Comforters

Washing a down comforter might appear to be a difficult task. Relax, it is not! The best thing about down comforters with natural filling is that you can wash them over and over again and still retain their quality. Every time you wash your down comforter, it can come out like brand new.


Use a heavy-duty front loading washing machine

Simple and less powerful washing machines cannot do the job. To ensure that your down comforter is properly washed, you need to use a heavy-duty front loading washing machine. All the launderers use this type of washing machines to wash fluffy and bulky materials as they need more space. They must not be jam-packed.

If you do not have one, check to see if your washing machine allows you to wash the fabric of your comforter’s size.

Wash the comforter gently

Down comforters should not need to be handled harshly. They lose their fluffiness this way. You must use a laundry agent that is very mild and that doesn’t contain additives. Use warm and optimum water. It should neither be cold, nor very hot. Extreme temperatures damage the material of comforters.

Make sure the water completely submerges in the water. It is better to let the machine run for a minute before loading the comforter to dissolve detergent well into the water. If your comforter is white, you can also add a non-chlorine bleach as It won’t harm or cause damage to the comforter.

Avoid using fabric softener, as it tends to coat the comforter and reduce its fluff.

Rinse it thoroughly

A comforter can never be removed if the detergent is in a single cycle. It’s important to rinse it at least twice to make sure all the detergent has washed out before you pull the comforter out. Before spinning the comforter, it is better to wring it out by hand first. This let’s go of the extra moisture, leaving the comforter light and ready to spin properly.

Dry down the comforter

When it comes to drying, there are two safe options: air drying and machine drying

Air drying takes more time but leaves the fabric soft and healthy. There is little chance that your comforter will shrink using this method. Also, it’s easier on the fabric. Give it time to dry. If possible, leave it out in the sun for a little while.

However, you can also choose machine drying without worrying. Set the cycle to cold or warm heat. Comforters can safely dry at high heat as well, but there is an increased risk of it shrinking. After each cycle, check to see if the comforter is still damp. Take as many cycles as it needs to dry out completely.

In the end, you are left with a clean and fresh down comforter!